Few crimes are as bloody as assaults. Ranging from a thrown punch or shove to a stabbing or bullet wound, assault is the classic violent offense. As such, prosecutors and judges oftentimes take a hardline approach against those who are charged with these offenses. However, not all assaults are the same, and not all are even illegal. We’ve all heard the term of “self-defense” or “justification.” But the term has a very legal definition and is not as easy as one would think to convince the trier of fact to accept. After all, the accused admittedly injured someone. It takes a skilled trial attorney to convince a jury that a client was justified in using the force he or she used in the situation that the case presents itself. Ezra C. Levy is such an attorney.

Here is one of Ezra’s numerous wins in the area of assaults: M.L. was in a bar one night. He had a verbal dispute with another patron and cracked a beer bottle over that patron’s head in the gated area in the back. M.L. was indicted for assault. That was the gist of the accuser’s allegations. However, M.L. told Ezra that his accuser was at one time his best friend, but that they had a parting of ways after they both were interested in the same woman. M.L. also told Ezra that right before M.L. struck his accuser over the head with the beer bottle, his accuser had sucker-punched him in the face. M.L. also stated that upon being hit he reflexively hit his accuser over the head with a beer bottle and they wrestled each other to the ground. Prior to trial, Ezra spoke to a mutual friend of both men who was also at the bar who verified M.L’s story of the fallout and who also explained that at the time of the fight, the accuser was still sore over the competition over the same woman. Ezra used the information supplied to him by M.L. and the mutual friend in cross-examining the accuser. Ezra also put these men on the witness stand and led them through a narrative where M.L. was merely responding to the aggression of the accuser. The result: A Not Guilty verdict in less than a 90 minutes of deliberation.

If you or a loved one are faced with an accusation of assault, consider using an attorney with a proven track record in handling these often-complex cases. Call the Law Offices of Ezra C. Levy.

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