Moving Violations

Speeding, going through a red light or a stop sign, texting or the use of a cellular phone while driving, are just a few examples of common traffic offenses that police officers issue summonses to motorists for on a routine basis. We all know that the cost of these tickets is more than just the fine listed on the back of the summonses. Also, in New York State, if you receive 6 or more points on your driving record in 18 months, you must pay an additional “Driver Responsibility Assessment Fee.” The hike in insurance rates as well as the potential suspension or revocation of driving privileges for having too many points on one’s license are real consequences for those who have no other choice of transportation but driving. A driver receiving a traffic ticket should consider fighting the ticket with the aid of an attorney who has extensive experience in cross-examining police officers. Ezra C. Levy is such an attorney.

Here is just one of Ezra’s wins in this area: S.L. was cited for driving without a seatbelt. She immediately called Ezra who advised her to plead not guilty. At the hearing, Ezra cross-examined the officer, establishing that he did not have a clear line of vision to observe whether S.L. was wearing a seatbelt prior to being pulled over. The Administrative Judge dismissed the summons
If you or a loved one receive a moving violation, consider using an attorney with a proven track record in handling these cases. Call the Law Offices of Ezra C. Levy, Esq.

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