Sex Offenses

Few cases are full of raw emotion as allegations dealing with sex offenses. After all, “rape” is a four-letter word. Two consenting adults are free to engage in relations. Similarly, an individual is free to withhold consent, and have that wish respected. But many times, rape and other sexual offense allegations are not really as clear-cut “no consent” as the prosecution and the accuser would have the public or the court believe. In these cases, it takes a strong-willed, determined tactician of a criminal defense attorney to be able to bring the truth out to the forefront. Ezra C. Levy is such an attorney, with a proven track record of securing winning results for his clients wrongly accused of rape and other sexual offenses.

Here’s one example of Ezra’s victories: G.J. was a mildly-retarded crack addict with a history of numerous periods of incarceration. One night, G.J., was found by police in a basement of a building that he did not live in, wearing nothing but a pair of sweatpants. The police had been responding to 911 calls from two female callers from inside the building who claimed that a man had just broken into the apartment of one of the callers, wielding a knife and attempted to rape her. Given G.J.’s long record and the immediacy of his arrest vis-à-vis the complaint, the prosecution was convinced they had a strong case. G.J. was looking at a life sentence. Ezra C. Levy knew that the prosecution’s case was full of holes that the D.A. was not disclosing.

Ezra learned that both female callers were career thieves and drug addicts. Ezra learned from G.J. that he had gone to the woman’s apartment to have consensual sex for money he paid her after he shared his crack with her. However, given G.J.’s mental retardation, the woman figured that she could just take the money and tell him to leave. G.J. said he either wanted the act he paid for or his money back. When G.J. refused, he was attacked by his accuser and her friend who was conveniently in the next room at the time. G.J. ran out, leaving his clothes behind, but given the ruckus that the incident had made, the ladies made up the rape allegations to cover their tracks with building management. It was one thing for Ezra to know this information, it was a bigger task to get this in front of the jury. Ezra spent weeks preparing G.J. to testify at his trial, not such an easy task given his mental retardation. Once the trial started, Ezra began laying the groundwork for G.J.’s testimony, while attacking the accuser’s credibility and highlighting the inconsistencies in her testimony. Ezra also used the police testimony to contradict the accuser’s account of events. After G.J. testified, Ezra gave a summation for the ages. The jury returned with a verdict of Not Guilty. A few days later, one of the jurors reached out to Ezra to thank him for helping to prove to the jury the innocence of his client.

If you or a loved one are faced with a rape or sexual offense allegation, consider using an attorney with a proven track record in handling these complex cases. Call the Law Offices of Ezra C. Levy.

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