Drug Offenses

Nearly every family has one of its members who has fallen victim to the drug epidemic that has taken over this country. It crosses all economic and race lines. Most people realize that drug addiction is an illness that needs to be treated like every other illness, rather than being criminalized. Unfortunately, legislators, prosecutors and judges are too comfortable in jailing drug addicts rather than getting them the help that they need. The truth is that there are many alternative sentences such as drug treatment programs, and that they work in achieving sobriety rather than incarceration. The hard part is getting the consent of the prosecutor and/or the judge to grant a client the opportunity to participate and complete a treatment program rather than go straight to jail. That is why an experienced defense attorney with a reputation for integrity among judges and prosecutors is needed. Ezra C. Levy has a proven track record in getting treatment rather than incarceration for his appropriate clients. Ezra C. Levy has a reputation of integrity and honesty among judges and prosecutors so they listen when he speaks to them.

Of course, not all drug cases are appropriate for drug treatment. For those cases, a tenacious and experienced trial attorney and skilled negotiator is key. Ezra C. Levy has handled thousands of drug cases, including taking them to trial and coming out victorious. In one case, Ezra’s client J.S. was accused of making a drug delivery of over 60 ziplock bags of crack cocaine, a Class B felony. Ezra C. Levy’s brilliant cross-examination and strong summation convinced the jury that the police were unable to see what they testified to and J.S. was found not guilty of the felony charges against him.

If you or a loved one are faced with an accusation involving a drug offense, consider using an attorney with a proven track record in handling these often-complex cases. Call the Law Offices of Ezra C. Levy.

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