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Ezra C. Levy, Esq. listed in Top 50 Attorneys of 2019 Magazine

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Ezra C. Levy, Esq. listed in Top 50 Attorneys of 2019 Magazine

Ezra Levy, was listed in Top 50 Attorneys of 2019 Magazine​

It’s a rarity to find an expert trial lawyer with a reputation for integrity among judges and senior prosecutors.

Ezra Levy is especially proud of his career accomplishments. Now in private practice within the state of New York, his eminent standing is the result of over two decades of experience as a skilled litigator within the Brooklyn office of the Legal Aid Society, where he started in the criminal defense division.

Ezra has demonstrated an exceptional ability to litigate complex issues in a straightforward manner. By honing his craft to an enviable extent, he has established a reputation as an outstanding trial attorney with expert cross examination and summation skills. Ezra’s non-textbook trial style resonates with jurors, who typically return favorable decisions.

During his tenure at Legal Aid Society, Ezra became both felony and homicide-certified, securing full acquittals for clients; many of whom faced life sentences and were improperly charged with criminal possession of a weapon, robbery, burglary, rape, assault, criminal possession of a controlled substance, and many other felonies. As a legal aid practitioner, he has often volunteered his time to speak with tenants in New York City Housing to educate and inform them of their rights.

Proficient on the laws of the grand jury and sufficiency of indictments, Ezra has lectured extensively on such topics, often addressing senior attorneys on the law and ethics of discovery. For almost a decade, his lecture on Grand Jury and Felony Motion Practice was an integral part of the Felony Certification Program for the Criminal Defense Division of the Legal Aid Society.

As a member of the NYS Bar, Ezra’s reputation for honesty is well-known and has served his clients well. He’s had certain cases dismissed on his word alone and has had judges and prosecutors consent to reduced jail sentences or alternatives to incarceration programs based solely on his recommendation. 

Ezra makes himself readily available to clients and regularly provides his mobile phone number so they can contact him at any time. He prides himself on the long-term relationships he develops with clients, which has led to positive testimonials and regular referrals.  Ezra, who is fluent in Hebrew, even has an Arabic and French translator in his office to better serve his ethnically diverse community. 

Ezra earned his bachelor’s degree magna cum laude from Brooklyn College and received his law degree from Brooklyn Law School. Besides the NYS Bar, he is a member of the New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the American Bar Association, and the New York State Bar Association.

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