Fraud has quickly become one of the most aggressively-prosecuted offenses by the District Attorneys’ and Attorney General’s Offices in this State. Whether it’s welfare fraud, insurance fraud or any other type of fraud, “white collar” crimes are being pursued by the State as never-before. Faced with this, a person facing such a charge needs an attorney with a reputation for fighting back for his clients. He or she needs an attorney who realizes that good people can make mistakes without having them result in ruining the rest of their lives. That person needs an attorney like Ezra C. Levy.

Ezra C. Levy has earned his reputation as a no-nonsense straight shooter, who has the ear of judges and prosecutors when he speaks to them. They respect him, and are willing to negotiate with him quicker than with most attorneys; resulting in better results in quicker times for his clients so that they can go back to the lives they led before. Recently Ezra had a client charged with insurance fraud as a felony. Ezra was able to reach out to the assigned prosecutor and negotiate a minimal fine and non-felony disposition for that client.

If you or a loved one are faced with an accusation of fraud, consider using an attorney with a proven track record in handling these often-complex cases. Call the Law Offices of Ezra C. Levy.

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