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Perfect 10 Rating Score from Avvo!

By: Ezra Levy September 20, 2017 no comments

Perfect 10 Rating Score from Avvo!

We are pleased to announce that criminal defense attorney, Ezra C. Levy, has been awarded a perfect rating of 10 out of 10, for his exceptional legal services, by the prestigious legal resource Avvo.com®. Avvo helps people find and connect with the right lawyer through industry leading content, tools and services. Founded in 2006 in Seattle, Avvo provides transparent information about attorneys, with Avvo-rated profiles for 97% of practicing lawyers in the United States.

Avvo is a website where attorneys can create a profile in order to get more traffic to their website or calls to their firm. Avvo allows attorneys to post their photo and a brief resume of their accomplishments and practice areas. Then, clients have the ability to rate the attorneys that they use on this website and give reviews to either encourage or deter others from coming to that attorney for legal aid. Avvo compiles all of these ratings from clients on this website to give an attorney an overall score. They also take into account endorsements from other attorneys in the industry.

The Avvo rating is calculated using a mathematical model that considers all of the information in the lawyer’s profile. Avvo looks at a lawyer’s years of experience, disciplinary history, industry recognition, and professional accomplishments in order to create their rating on a scale of 1-10. The website also collects background data from other sources including bar associations and city records. After gathering as much information about an attorney as possible, the website calculates a score. As Avvo uses a mathematical model, the website can ensure that the ratings are unbiased and not determined based on favoritism.

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