Best Lawyer!

Hi! I would like to recommend Ezra to anyone! I called Ezra around 8pm to help a family member that was being held by the police on a family related matter. I knew that there was a slim chance that anyone would be working this late but Ezra picked up the phone. I told him the situation and he was very nice and attentive. I asked him if he could please meet me at the precinct and he immediately responded sure, and was there within 15 minutes. It was unbelievable. He arrived promptly and he couldn’t have been more kind and knowledgeable. He met with my family member’s and put their mind at ease. He discussed the situation, possible outcomes, he knew the law and he was willing to stay and help no matter what.

I would recommend Ezra to anyone. You will get a top notch attorney who will be there for you through your difficult times. He was amazing and really calmed everyone down. Thank you Ezra!