Weapons Possession

The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees citizens the right to bear arms. However, this right is not without restrictions. New York State imposes some of the greatest restrictions on this Constitutional right, along with some of the Nation’s stiffest sentences for illegal weapons possessions. Included in the draconian New York Penal Law is the criminalization of gravity knives. These are the knives that many people carry and use at work to open boxes or for carpentry and the like. And now, New York City is opening court parts dedicated solely to handling illegal gun possession indictments. Ezra C. Levy has handled literally hundreds of these cases, to date, not having lost a single trial in this area of criminal practice.

Here is one the victories Ezra secured for his client: D.H. and 4 friends ( two other males along with their respective girlfriends) were riding in the back of a taxi. Two overly-aggressive police officers stopped the cab and ordered the passengers out. A few moments later, one of the officers claimed to have found a handgun in the passenger area of the van. All five passengers were taken to the precinct. There, the police realized that with only one gun, only one person could be held accountable, they chose D.H., as he was the only one was unaccompanied by a paramour. To bolster their story, the police created a confession that they attributed to D.H. At trial, Ezra C. Levy’s tactical cross-examination skills exposed the officers’ lies, even getting one of the officers to gasp as he realized that he was caught lying on the witness stand. The jury acquitted D.H. who instead of going away to prison for up to 15 years remains free thanks to Ezra C. Levy.

If you or a loved one are charged with criminal possession of a weapon consider using someone with a proven track record of winning these difficult cases, use Ezra C. Levy.

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